Feedback on “Live from Ostrava”

This is the sixth “Live from …” blog which an IDSF Communications team published from a championship venue. That this form of presenting competition coverage to DanceSport enthusiasts worldwide found acceptance is confirmed by the traffic it is able to generate. 5,000 unique visitors in but a few hours, 10,000+ over two days, and several thousands more in the months to come – as is the case for “Live from Ostrava”! Additionally, the IDSF channel on The Sports Hub ( registers as many as 10,000 views per day through the nearly real-time reports.

The next blogs will go up after a summer break: Grand Slams and IDSF World Championships will again be their focus. To improve them  further, IDSF Communications invites you to provide us feedback by taking the polls below.


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Production of  the “Live from …” blogs has thus far been a shoestring operation, possible only by stretching the IDSF communications budget beyond the limits. Taking the concept to the next level – all the way to providing you with 100% live multi-camera streams with commentary – will require more funding. This could come from two sources: advertising or YOU.


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